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A science fiction author and travel writer

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For half a century, the Archipelago has been silent. Alone, out on the galaxy's rim, an eccentric cluster of planets set out to forge a new society, far from the meddling interference of the great interplanetary leagues.


Over decades of isolation, the Archipelago became a mostly forgotten legend. ​Then, out of the blue, they send a message. The leagues are invited to visit. But why? Why now?


​Ren Markov is a veteran diplomat for the idealistic Core Planets, where he acts as an agent of subversion, toppling governments and spoiling revolutions. Dispatched on a mission into the Arc,Ren discovers stunning worlds and a radical, ecologically obsessed society that is both compelling and disturbing. But he faces a terrible decision. Should he protect this strange new society, or should he fear it and allow it to be crushed? 


Machiavellian plots swirl as the leagues struggle for influence and control. 'Archipelago' takes readers on a journey through interstellar politics, the ethics of a vast diaspora and the nature of revolution. Ren is in search of his very identity as he chooses between salvation and annihilation.

Themes: world building, politics, diaspora, colonisation, ecology and identity

"Civilized, intellectual SF about society, politics, and empire-building.."'

Kirkus Reviews

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Hawkins’ mature SF narrative (which, with its weary operative hero, may remind readers of the literary espionage novels of John Le Carré) is short on ray-gun blasts or romance but long on thoughtful debates on the nature of a fair society, ethical government, and planetary stewardship.

"An Amazing Journey"

Book Nerdection  "Must Read"

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"... a sophisticatеd examination of human nature and political dynamics through opposing viewpoints on loyalty, morality, and the quest for power.

"An interplanetary exploration of politics, morality, and the human quest to belong somewhere."

Independent Book

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"Archipelago creates a compelling futuristic universe where core modern ethics and values are thoughtfully reevaluated."

" immersive thrill for fans of cosmic drama and technological prophecy"

SPR Reviews


"... a profoundly inventive sci-fi novel that explores vital questions about the present day."


'Amazonas' documents an expedition along the Amazon river, from its source high in the Peruvian Andes over 3000 km to the Brazilian border. 

Beginning in the high peaks above La Raya where the very first trickle of the Urubamba river emerges from the mountain snows, we hiked, walked, rafted and canoed over the course of six fascinating weeks. 

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